Pecém TPP’s sustainability policy aims to take action to prioritize the relationship with its audiences: employees, suppliers and the local community; To encourage the exercise of sustainable action aimed at local development and environmental protection with respect to its main business, electricity generation.

Environmental Programs

Pecém TPP maintains 9 environmental control and monitoring programs linked to its operating license:


  • An environmental and education engagement program
  • A sound pressure level monitoring program
  • An air emissions monitoring program
  • A particulate matter emissions monitoring program
  • A prevention and control of black smoke emission program
  • An air quality monitoring program
  • A solid waste management program
  • A liquid effluents monitoring program
  • A water resources monitoring program

Scope of th integrated management system

Considering the external and internal issues presented, meeting the legal requirements, and others applicable requirements, associated with the activities of electric power generation through the burning of coal, involving the physical limits delimited by the coal storage yard and transmission of electricity until the TDG substation (CHESF), under controlled conditions, the Pecém TPP and Pecém II TPP companies, inside the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, determine the scope of the Integrated Management System (IMS or SIG in portuguese)

Generation and transmission of electric energy from the burning of mineral coal

Integrated Policy

PECÉM TPP - PORTO DO PECÉM GERAÇÃO DE ENERGIA SA, a company belonging to EDP Group, has undertaken the following commitments as part of its efforts to respect the values of conserving the environment, ethics, sustainable development and quality of life, aiming to become a leader in socio-environmental health and work safety issues, in compliance with the Policies of its shareholders, demonstrating its respect for customers and the community in general:

1. To ensure compliance with legal requirements, reducing risks of socio-environmental liabilities and to occupational health and safety;
2. To control and prevent pollution, which presents risks to occupational health and safety, through the adoption of economically viable technical solutions and adequate management;
3. To promote ethics and sustainable development in its area of direct influence;
4. To continuously improve processes related to social responsibility, environment, health, and safety through:
     • the establishment of goals and objectives related to socio-environmental health and safety, their analysis and review;
     • the training and commitment of its employees and service providers; c. Its influence on its suppliers to act responsibly concerning social responsibility, environment, and occupational health and safety;
     • the constant search for technical-operational effectiveness and socio-environmental respect, and;
     • the commitment of its board of directors to consider the components of socio-environmental, ethical, sustainable development and health and safety as values in decision-making processes.


Pecém TPP, a company belonging to EDP group, undertakes Social Communication actions, always seeking to integrate the business with its diverse surrounding community.

Through the Energy in the Community Program, the company establishes a channel of permanent dialogue with all the community, aiming at transparency in its actions and respect for the community.

This dialogue occurs through several tools:


  • Meetings in the communities of São Gonçalo do Amarante;
  • Individual assistance to members of the communities surrounding the project;
  • Guided visits to the plant;
  • Free Call Center available at 0800 275 1000.

The purpose of these actions is to provide relevant and updated information about the company and to clarify doubts about its Environmental Monitoring and Control programs.