UTE Pecém, a company of the EDP Group, is responsible for the operation of Porto do Pecém Geração de Energia S/A thermoelectric power plant, located in the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex , in São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE).

The project has a total capacity of 720 MW and the objective directed to the demand growth for electricity required by the state, the Northeast region and the National Interconnected System (abbreviated in Portuguese as SIN).

Its first generating unit UTE Pecém received authorization from the National Electric Energy Agency (abbreviated in Portuguese is Aneel) to start the commercial operation in 2012 with installed capacity of 360 MW.

Its second generating unit, also with installed capacity of 360 MW, received from Aneel authorization to start the commercial operation in 2013.

The work generated a total of five thousand direct jobs and 11 thousand indirect jobs created for the development of new technologies and businesses for the area. The plant operation is responsible for the Ceará states’ conversion from an importing state to an exporting state of electricity.


Total Investment: R\$ 3 billion
Amount referring to financing with BNDES: R\$ 1,4 billion
First unit operation start: 2012
Second unit operation start:2013