Research and Development


The EDP Generation Research and Development Program, in accordance with the Research and Development Program Procedures - PROP&D, approved by Normative Resolution No. 754, of December 13, 2016, with the objective of providing transparency and publicity to projects carried out and collect subsidies for the elaboration of new projects, makes available the Balance of the R&D Account and information about the projects in execution, completed by the company and approved by ANEEL in the year 2021.

R&D Account Balance on December 31, 2021:


Porto do Pecém Geração de Energia S.A.
R$ 4.546.471,02
Lajeado Energia S.A.
R$ 4.766.021,00
Enerpeixe S.A.
R$ 526.118,72
Energest S.A.
R$ 44.233,89
Empresa de Energia São Manoel S.A.
R$ 3.898.111,24
Empresa de Energia Cachoeira Caldeirão S.A.
R$ 613.376,87
Companhia Energética do Jari
R$ 0,00
Investco S.A.
R$ 0,00


Number of projects in progress as a funder: 17

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